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 Shir Gâr Chapter No. 7339
Sure & Stedfast Chapter No.8991!

Friday 20th February saw a magnificent Assembly of Royal Arch Masons to witness the Dedication of the Shir Gâr Chapter No. 7339 as the Sure & Stedfast Chapter No. 8991.

This was the culmination of three years very hard work by the Sure & Stedfast Lodge No. 8991 and the Shir Gâr Chapter No. 7339 and the realisation of a dream for both of them.

When the long-awaited outcome came, there was great jubilation by both Lodge and Chapter alike. The ceremony we had in mind was totally surpassed by the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, John Taylor, who, with his Provincial team laid on a magnificent ceremony.
After opening as Shir Gâr Chapter, and proceeding quickly through Domestic Business, the Chapter was then called off. Distinguished Guests were then admitted, including the Deputy Grand Superintendent, the Past Grand Superintendent, the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, The Rev, Malcolm Lane of the Province of Monmouthshire together with his Deputy and his Second and Third Principals, E. Comp. David Edwards, Inspector General for South Wales and Monmouthshire of the Ancient and Accepted Rite, and E. Comp. Paotfield, Provincial Supreme Riler of the Order of the Secret Monitor.

Following the Dedicating Prayer and the Invocation, the Pedestal was unveiled and the Candles were lit. After the Dedicating Third Principal had completed his three perambulations of the Chapter, the Companions were once again formed up in the West whilst the Dedicating Principal constituted the Sure & Stedfast Chapter No 8991. Following the Patriarchal Benediction, the Companions of the now Sure & Stedfast Chapter took their seats. The Three Principals were then inducted into their respective chairs. The Deputy Grand Superintendent then addressed the Three Principals. E. Comp. John Elias was presented with the Bylaws of the Chapter and asked him to confirm that the existing Companions would be continuing in office, which he duly did. The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent then brought the Ceremony to an end by presenting E. Comp. John Elias with the Enactment from Supreme Grand Chapter, and invited him to call on the Sure & Stedfast Chapter which was duly done.

Having presented the Sceptre for the first time as Sure & Stedfast Chapter, and having it duly returned with thanks, E. Comp. John Elias welcomed Distinguished Guests and Companions and in particular the entire Provincial team. He also thanked the Companions of the former Shir Gâr Chapter for their generosity and co-operation in enabling the attachment of the Shir Gâr Chapter to the Sure & Stedfast Lodge No 8991, thus becoming the Sure & Stedfast Chapter No.8991. He also congratulated the Three Principals Elect on their election as Principals for the ensuing year.

The Second and Third Principals proposed Honorary Membership for the Provincial team which was passed by a unanimous show of hands.

The Worshipful Master, Senior Warden and the Junior Warden of the Sure & Stedfast Lodge then presented its new Chapter with a new Minute Book and an Attendance which were received with grateful thanks.

The Banquet was also a very happy occasion, reminiscent of the well-attended Installations of yester year, with a sumptuous feast, the menu for which had been devised by the First Principal. The toast to the Sure & Stedfast Chapter was proposed by the E. Comp. John Taylor, Most Excellent Grand Grand Superintendent. Both the Lodge and the Chapter were praised for their vision in what they had achieved. It is ineed their hope that should any Chapter find itself in difficulties in future that it will consider the template laid down for Sure & Stedfast and Shir Gâr to be one well worth following. The response to the toast was given by the First Principal John V. Elias, who thanked the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent and his Provincial Team for their tremendous contribution to the evening. The banquet was concluded with a presentation of a cheque for £250 towards the 2010 Festival to E. Comp. John Taylor by E. Comp. John Elias. This was in addition to the the £500 already given by the former Shir Gâr Chapter.    

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