Sure and Stedfast Lodge & Chapter
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Warrant Date:
11th March 1981
Meets at:
Cardiff Masonic Temple
Mother Lodge:
Observer 6015

This Lodge, like many others, was founded to cater for the needs of Brethren who had a similar interest, in this case - The Boys Brigade.

There are now seven lodges founded by Members of the Boys’ Brigade and one Chapter. All the lodges are members of the Kindred Lodges Association (an association of Lodges founded by members of Various Youth Movements).  Juventus Lodge 8105 founded on the scouts movement is also a member.

The Lodge was consecrated on the 1st June 1981 by the then Provincial Grand Master R W Bro the R T Hon The Lord Swansea,C.ST.J.D.L The installing Master was the then Deputy Provincial Grand Master, V W Bro Geoffrey M Ashe, T.D, PGSWDB  who Installed W Bro Michael J. Stayt as the first Master of the Lodge. There were 22 Founder  members all  with connections with the Boys’ Brigade, Observer Lodge no 6015 sponsored the Lodge.

SURE AND STEDFAST is the motto of the Boys Brigade, and the words were chosen by Sir William Alexander Smith, whose vision founded not only the Boys Brigade, but set the pattern for every other Youth Movement to follow.

The Founders are deeply grateful to RW Bro The Right Honourable The Earl of Elgin and Kincardine, who as Brigade President, gave permission for the Lodge to use the Boys Brigade Emblem in their Lodge Badge.

The Founders are also grateful to the Grand Secretary for allowing the Badge to be used.

The Lodge Badge contains three items, the Anchor, the Cross, and the Lifebelt.

The Anchor was the original emblem of the Boys Brigade, and refers to the Sure and Stedfast hope in the eternal goodness of the Most High, and in life after death.

The Cross was added when the Boys Life Brigade was merged into the Boys brigade in 1926. It is the emblem of the Red Cross Movement, which is derived from reversing the colours of the National Flag of Switzerland. Thus the emblem is symbolic of duty to our fellow men.

The Lifebelt was the Emblem of the Life Boys, which was the Junior Movement of the Boys Brigade. Its circular form teaches that God is eternal, whilst its unsinkable nature serves to remind us of His ability to preserve us from all ill.

The Lodge was Founded as a Memorial to one hundred years of work by the Boys Brigade.

Our Banner was consecrated on the 4th February 2006.

With such ideals it is assured of a long and rewarding future.

Adapted from a work by W.Bro. Denis J Woods, P.Prov.D.G.D.C.

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